Throwback Thursday: {Perot Museum}

Hold your horses, y’all!  Part III of anniversary extravaganza is coming.  🙂

But first, we’ll go back in time!  A few months ago, our sweet friends Christine and Kirby came to stay for the weekend.
Between school, work, travel, and the 5-hour drive between us, we were a bit busy and we hadn’t seen each other since our wedding.  Luckily, they are faithful friends full of wisdom, a sense of adventure, appreciations of good board game, and  a pinch of nerdy-ness that I adore!  Given that short bio, Pete and I thought it would be perfect to hit up the latest & greatest science hot spot in Dallas: {The Perot Museum}!

IMG_1068[1]The boys were excited as soon as they got maps.

IMG_1074[1]We visited tons of stuffed animals (literally)…

IMG_1072[1]…and saw our wooden silhouette in the body exhibit…

IMG_1071[1]…and made circuit boards…

IMG_1070[1]…and flew into space…

IMG_1069[1]and walked with the dinosaurs!

yays: Keeps manly men entertained for hours, perfect for a rainy day, tons of fun facts, crazy cool exhibits, affordable price, and it’ll get you out of the house!
nays: Tickets sell out in a flash, frequent out-of-commission/broken exhibits, lots of walking and not many benches, and a BAGILLION unsupervised, running, screaming children (go during the week or late at night)

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