Anniversary Trip: {Arkansas – Part I}

Once upon a time…
Pete and I were married ONE WHOLE FREAKIN’ YEAR!

I spent weeks trying to figure out a fab anniversary destination.
New Orleans?  Charlotte?  Nashville?  Fredricksburg?
Or…Hot Springs?
I hung out with my handy friend Google for hours.  In our adventures together I found articles, blogs, travel pieces calling Hot Springs, Arkansas “relaxing,” “beautiful” and “America’s best kept secret.”

Let me just say this: you can keep that “secret” locked up forever.
And you can buckle up for a short sitcom.

Your journey begins with an overnight stop in Little Rock.
You and Pete check into your hotel on {River Market}.  It’s a 100 degrees, and the A/C in the room is spotty.
You think, “That’s okay.  We’re leaving soon to walk to the distillery.”  But you forget to finish your thought “…walk to the distillery…that’s a mile away, in 100 degree heat, in new flip flops.”


Although hot, sweaty, and shards of glass and rocks are in your flip flops, you and Pete enjoy the deliciousness of {Rock Town Distillery}.
We’re talking moonshine flavored with red hots and apple juice with cinnamon and the best No Age Statement Bourbon in the world (literally).

{insert 100 degree post-liquor tasting walk back to hotel here}

You soon realize that the only food within walking distance is pizza, bar food, and friend chicken.  You think, “That’s okay, I’m sure America’s best kept secret will make up for that!”

You eat bar food at the recommendation of your tour guide.  And he’s at the restaurant when you get there.  So, you sit at the bar with your husband and have an awkward dinner next to your tour guide.
Soooo romantic.

Day 2:
You wake up with a “today’s a new day” attitude!


But instead you have cold pastries and subpar coffee for breakfast.

You and Pete leave for Hot Springs expecting to see this:

But the picture doesn’t show you that half the buildings are shut down and boarded up, the shops are filled with tacky t-shirt shops, and the streets are dirty.

So you stop by bathhouse row to make a spa reservation.  They inform you bookings for couples’ treatments should be made 3-4 days in advance.  You think, “Seriously?  In this place?”
Your sweet husband then spends an hour sitting in the park finding somewhere for a couples’ massage and facial.

Then you drive to check-in at {Hilltop Manor Bed & Breakfast}.

IMG_0980[1]You breathe a huge sigh of relief that your digs look like this.  Praise the Lord!
It’s time for lunch so you can get back in time for 4pm snacks and wine at the B&B.

“This may be looking up,” you think.

{Stay Tuned…}

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