{Urban Acres: A Local Co-op}

Ahhhhh…who doesn’t love some fresh fruits and veggies during the summer?

Pete and I began our relationship with healthier living and eating in January when we did our first stint on Whole30 (more to come).  Loving the way I was feeling and being a declared documentary addict, I happened to stumble upon {Ingredients} on Netflix and fell in love!  This little gem of a doc introduced me to the concept of CSA farms.

[Wikipedia defines CSA as the following: Community-supported agriculture (CSA; sometimes known as community-shared agriculture) is an alternative, locally-based economic model of agriculture and food distribution. A CSA also refers to a particular network or association of individuals who have pledged to support one or more local farms, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production.]

We knew we were going to continue to eat good foods and our eyes were opened to the impact of government farming, so joining a CSA seemed to be a no-brainer.  We did and we were TOTALLY disappointed.

Our “shares” were small and mostly lettuce.  Seriously!  3 bags of lettuce.  Every.single.week…jeesh!  I mean, I like lettuce and all, but you gotta give me some other goods!

Determined that I would find something worth investing in, Google and I became best friends.
And then I found…{Urban Acres}!


Look at all that summer goodness!  We went from epic disappointment to 30lbs. of produce every 2 weeks.
get in my belly!

CSA yays: supporting local farms, fresh produce, trying new fruits and veggies and less trips to crowded grocery stores
CSA nays: cost, committed regardless of droughts, floods, hot suns, icky buys and other natural things

Urban Acres yays: awesome people, various drop off locations in the Dallas area, different sizes of shares, awesome recipes/storage tips on their site, {blog}, affordable and they have a grocery store on the weekend!
Urban Acres nays: some fruits are not local (obviously…Texas heat is a whole ‘nother level)

I’m biased, but you should check one out near you.  🙂



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