{Stuff the Truck & Hunger Month}


The gift of giving.

My husband and I are involved in a fantastic thing called {Foundation Group}.  Our group is comprised of 6 couples and a mentor couple.  The six have all been married about a year and our fearless leaders take us through the hard topics in marriage: communication, community, conflict resolution, and finances.

As we’re rounding the corner into the last half of our time together, we started discussing finances, budgeting, paying off debt, saving, and stewarding our resources well.
There’s so much to learn!

In an effort to put into practice everything we’ve been learning, we decided to host a garage sale to benefit {Stuff the Truck}.
A decision was made: 100% of proceeds would go towards providing food for families in the Dallas area.


[Recipe for garage sale success]: 9 worker bees, endless pots of coffee, 4 reliable alarm clocks, endless giving hearts, 1 cashier, 3 negotiators, 1 roll masking tape, Mexican food, 1:15am sign posting, 5-hour post-garage sale naps…


and two strong men.  It turned garage sale proceeds…


…into a truck full of food!

yays: Community, fellowship, lessons learned, stewardship practiced, and provision for our neighbors in Dallas.
nays: Not.enough.coffee.


{Interested in {Hunger Month}?  There’s still one week left to participate!}

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