Night Away: {Austin}

Hello, lovelies!

So, last weekend, Pete and I had a STELLAR night away.  And you know why?
Anniversary photos, y’all!

We’re so so so so excited to see them and show y’all, but patience is a virtue, ya dig?

Meanwhile, we decided to make a night of it!
We love Austin.  We love the restaurants, the vibe, the look, and the feel.  It’s a fab city.

Our adventure started at the {Renaissance Austin}.

Pete was all impressed with my Marriott swag.  Some of the perks of traveling every week!


We had a top floor room on the “elite” level.  It was all swanky!


After the photos were done, we headed to our very favorite Austin restaurant: {Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill}!
(Get the Beer Battered Asparagus.)


In the morning, we meandered down to {Tamale House East} for some delicious eats.


I got to hang with this handsome face.


And because we can never stop stuffing our faces, we stopped at {Gerik’s Ole’ Czeck Bakery} in West, TX on the way home.
My strawberry cream cheese puff was friggin’ delicious!

The night away was a win!

yays: A beautiful hotel outside of downtown Austin, a meal at our fave restaurant, grapefruit cocktails before dinner, hanging with my hubs, ginormous bacon bits with my brunch, a patio with a garden, and a pastry to make you melt.  Oh, and reminiscing with our wedding photographer almost a year post-wedding!
nays: Long waits for late night dins, Texas heat, and hipster girl booty cheeks before noon (your mom jeans aren’t cute with your full moon showing).

Over & out,

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