{Downtown Uncorked}


“Chhhhheeeeeeeeers to the three-day weekend!”

Awww, an exciting weekend for the Bybel family once again.
We were in College Station {again}, but this time it was for my brother-in-law David’s graduation!  WHOOP!
We survived the 3-hour drive with a 3am arrival followed by a 3-hour 9am graduation (got all that?)…naturally we felt wine was justified.
After a nap, of course.

{Downtown Uncorked} was one of my college faves.
It’s a rare find in a town filled with agriculture majors, Wranglers, and trucks.  You have to drive out of College Station about 15 minutes to downtown Bryan, but it is more than worth the trip.

yays: Flight Friday means wine flights…on Friday.  Sounds like a win to me!
Great food for wine pairings.  Meat and cheese plates, humus, truffles filled with port, and molten chocolate cake.
Fantastic wine selection.
Tons of bottles to buy.
{Peirano Tempranillo} was de-lish.
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, during the winter they have hot chocolate with port in it.  Need I say more?

nays: Pricey for a college crowd.  Save it for hot dates, the much-needed girls’ nights, classy birthdays, and post-college visits to campus.
The lack of body in the {Zorzal Pinot Noir} was a biiiig let down.


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