Weekend Away: {Redhook Brewery}


Pete and I were going to head into Boston on Saturday, but I was feeling lazy and wanted to avoid the crowds (the Mayor announced there would be free parking in the Back Bay area over the weekend).

My husband is incredibly gracious and let my laziness previal and let me pick something local instead. (winning!)


I’ve lived Monday-Thursday less than 5 miles from a brewery for the last 7 months.
And I still hadn’t gone on the tour.
Shame. on. me.

All that to say…
{Redhook Brewery}, there we went!


yays: Located in {Portsmouth, NH} or Woodinville, WA.
Super delicious beer.  (My fave was the {Copperhook}!)
Tour is only $1.  A dolla makes me holla!
Doug was a super studly tour guide.  He was like a rocket scientist…except with beer.
You get to eat different kinds of grain.
The food in their Cataqua Public House made us say, “Man!  This is really good bar food” at least 5 times.
The restaurant offers trial beers for purchase, and you can give input to the waitresses.  It helps them make decisions about which beers to produce.  It’s like your opinion matters or sumthin’.

nays: Redhook is located near UNH and therefore draws a college crowd.
Psssst…the earlier you go the older and smaller the crowd. 😉

The Bybels had an grand time, and we’d highly recommend it if you’re ever in WA or NH!


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