Weekend Away: {Bob’s Clam Hut}

Praise. the. Lord.
This last month has been rough.  I’ve been traveling Monday-Friday for work, and Peter has been especially busy keeping things sounding awesome at church.  All that to say, we’ve been averaging about 1.5 days together a week, and that’s hard on a couple of young newlyweds.
We both love what we do, but sometimes we need a break to focus on our marriage.

Luckily, I work for an absolutely fantastic company, so in exchange for me not going home for the weekend, they flew Pete out to Portsmouth to hang for a long weekend.  🙂  Yayyyy!

On the docket?  Brewery tours, a day in Boston, exploring Portsmouth, and checking out a {Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives} feature.


So, last night we drove over a bridge from New Hampshire to Maine to {Bob’s Clam Hut}.
The home of fresh fried clams has a cute, small-town, “we’re in Maine” feel.  You order at a walk-up counter and then can seat yourself in their small, heated dining room.

yays: Delicious fried clams straight out of the water!  (I’d recommend “The Lillian”)
Slaw that’s so nommy.
Tartar sauce to dip french fries in.
nays: Don’t go if you’re on a budget/holding tightly to your pocket book.  You will pay for a basket of fried clams…better believe it.
Skip the Clam Chowder, you can do better in the NE.

Stay tuned for more from our weekend away!


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