{Whiskey Cake}


Ohhhh, y’all!  I’m still mindblown Pete and I’s dinner on Sunday night.  I literally looked at my husband after dessert and said, “I don’t even know what to do with myself right now!”


yays: If you go to a restaurant called {Whiskey Cake} obviously you have to get some whiskey.  I would HIGHLY recommend the Verbal Kent (whiskey, fresh squeezed juices, honey, and an egg white…uh-maz-ing).
We got the homemade kettle chips and caramelized onion dip (pictured above).
For entrees, we divulged in a turkey sammy and salmon.  Both were off-the-charts phenomenal.  Seriously.
And finally…whiskey cake.  There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING, that I can say about how good it was and maintain blog-appropriateness.

Also, they try to locally source all their veggies from local farms.  LOVE!

nays: Crappy service.  This has been a trend lately.  I’m starting to think it’s because we’re young.
It totally ticks me off, but another post for another day!


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