Weekend Away: {San Antonio}

This weekend Pete and I had the pleasure of going down to San Antonio to visit his parents and family.
It was a packed and fun-filled 30 hours!  Inclusive of but not limited to: 12 hours on a bus, fab restaurants, wine drinking, and mini-golf.


This was our first venture using {Megabus}.  We had heard good things, so figured we’d give it a try!

yays: Round trip for 2 people cost a grand total of $4.50!  We paid an additional $16 in parking for 2 days, but considering we would have had to pay gas roundtrip to San Antone, that’s a freakin’ steal!
Other yays?  Relatively normal crowd, napping, outlets at every seat, and a potty.
nays: Potty = port-a-potty.  The free “WiFi” was pretty much useless.  (But for the value, who can complain?)

We began our Friday by having lunch with Pete’s grandparents and uncle.  [Insert stellar Italian restaurant here]!  {Paesanos} was a tad fancy to take pics at, so I apologize for the lack of visual appeal.

yays: Great wine selection, cool/fancy vibe, and delicious hot bread while you wait for your food.  Also, I would HIGHLY recommend the Chicken Picatta.  Nothing like mashed potatoes smothered in hot buttery lemon sauce.
nays: A bit pricey for the young adult/college crowd (and we were there for lunch).  Also, don’t go dressed like you were just sitting on a bus for 5.5 hours.  You may look/feel like a hobo.

Mango Margarita

Saturday began with taxes (womp!) and then lunch at {La Hacienda de Los Barrios}.  I had actually been here years ago on a summer weekend trip, but it was fun to visit again when it wasn’t 1000 degrees outside!

yays: Mango Margarita, duh!  The outdoor seating is also gorgeous and super fantastic in the spring.
nays:  Keep in mind that the first part of spring also means lots of little fluffies falling from the trees while you eat.  Thankful for great family that let me move seats and helped pick fluffies out of my hair.

Embassy Mini Golf Embassy Mini Golf

We ended our short stay with a friendly round of mini-golf at {Embassy Miniature Golf}.

yays: Well kept course, cool fake blue water, and pendulum for an extra challenge!
nays: The one time I win at mini-golf, my husband had to tie with me.  Not competitive…at…all.

Then we took good ‘ole Megabus back to Dallas.

Had a great time with family, and can’t wait to go back soon!


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