{Date Day}

Before I started traveling, Pete and I used to have weekly date nights.

The control freak in me thought it was more important to have the house in order and laundry done before I left again on Monday.
-127 wife points for Devin.

So, after a lot of discussion, dates were re-instated!

Once a month = Date Day
Every week = Date

Cue curtain…Saturday Date Day!

[The Board]

 This is the Bybel Date Board.  It lives in our living room and we alternate weeks on who suggests the date and who plans it.  This week was Pete’s week to suggest and my week to plan!
YAYS: Takes the mindreading out of dates.  Gives us both chances to get what we want and plan.  I have a hubs that wants to cuddle on dates…winning!
NAYS: Can’t think of any, friends.


YAYS: We discovered this FANTASTIC little hole-in-the-wall coffee roasting shop minutes from our home.  Check out {Addison Coffee Roasters}!  (PS – the guy who helped us had a stellar charm necklace and gnarly beard.  Power to the coffee roasters!)
NAYS: Is there ever anything wrong with espresso?  Didn’t think so.


YAYS: {Paleo Spiced Banana Cake}!  Nommy nommy recipe by {Dieffs}.
NAYS: Needed more banana.  Not sweet enough and a bit too cake-y for my liking.  Add another ‘nanner, folks!

[Disc Golf]

YAYS: Disc golfing at WO Harrington Park in Irving, TX.  Secluded park where no one could watch me throw my disc 100 feet in the air or only 10 feet forward (literally, we were the only ones there on an 80 degree, sunny day).  Cool trees.
NAYS: Throwing my disc 100 feet in the air or only 10 feet forward.  Park wasn’t well kept up and some tee boxes were not there at all.  Oh, and the young gentleman smoking pot in their car.

We ended the date with a lovely late lunch at {Blu Ginger}.
YAYS: Basil Fried Rice is off da chain!  Fantastic thai food in Las Colinas.
NAYS: Just don’t even go in on the weekends.  Typically I go for lunch during the week and they include an awesome coconut chicken soup and spring roll in addition to your cheaper meal.  On the weekends?  You can pay $4 extra for your entree and no free treats.  Booooo!

Oh, and can’t forget a friendly game of bridge.
yays: It’s the hub’s fave game.
nays: I’m not 80 years old.

First blog post…and OUT!

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